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"Innovative solutions for best practice applications"

Mach4 Lab is a SME that focuses its activities on industrial research, design and consultancy in the areas of mechanical engineering, machinery and equipment. MACH4 Lab operates in four strategic market business areas:

  • Machinery
  • Materials
  • Mechatronics
  • Micro-machining

In this context, MACH4 Lab provides the following integrated services and activities:

  • Research and design of mechanical devices for high precision machining and micro-positioning
  • Advanced Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) analysis of products, systems and processes
  • Quality management, analysis and process improvement
  • Applied research on advanced composite materials, adaptronic systems and smart materials
  • Eco-Audit of products based on integrated materials selection strategy
  • Training in operational excellence, reliability analysis and technical background improvement.

To increase its own competence and skills MACH4 Lab develops a continuous worldwide collaboration with the most important Universities and research centres.

MACH4 Lab delivers a complete program for Project Management and Coaching. A particular expertise of MACH4 Lab is the identification of financed opportunities for all companies that intend to approach to National and European research funds. The program includes support in proposal extension and consortium constitution, and the coaching of projects.