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To achieve competitiveness and savings, companies have to evaluate and analyse new approaches and methodologies for the improvement, support and control of their machining processes.

 MACH4 Lab provides innovative solutions and problem solving methods to reach operational excellence and high machining performances following a structured roadmap in process parameters and variables investigation. MACH4 Lab applies innovative methodologies to study and evaluate the reliability and the Life Cycle Cost (LCC) of mechanical systems proposing a full R&M engineering approach along the whole product lifecycle. R&M analysis involves a series of activities and procedures widespread in many industries. The application of advanced statistical techniques and smart tools allows MACH4 Lab to evaluate and optimise machining processes to achieve the market requirements. The main focus areas of “Machinery” are milling, turning, grinding, laser cutting and boring. Nevertheless the MACH4 Lab methodologies can be applied every time there is a process to improve or optimise using a rigorous approach of analysis and data collection.

Moreover in this context MACH4 Lab proposes the Lean Six Sigma program for all companies that want to engage customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and reduction of non added value activities following a disciplined and rigorous problem solving method to guarantee significant changes in results.